You’ve all probably been hearing constant updates regarding Australia’s floods in Queensland and New South Wales.  It’s really quite horrific when I see my home country ravaged by natural disasters each and every season.

Though I’m in Melbourne, my parents are stationed in Queensland.  They’re fortunate that both their house and work place are on high ground and unlikely to be affected by the rising flood waters but their town was officially cut off from the outside world as of yesterday by road, rail and air – and is now completely isolated.  I am, however, grateful that they have enough food and water to last them several weeks…

Others have not been so lucky and many have lost possessions and people very close to them.  My prayers go out to each and every one of them.

Here are some amazing photos that my Dad has been emailing to me that he has taken over the past two days in and around his home town…Yup.. they live in The Beef Capital of Australia (which is where I was born and bred and is probably the reason I love anything beef-laden (raw, medium-rare, or even completely charred on the BBQ)).  That fine specimen of beef in statue form is the centre-piece of a round-a-bout that is currently under water…  It’s one of many cow statues in my fine birth city.

This is a photograph taken of the charming BBQ huts and walkways situated along the riverside.  It’s hard to believe how high the river level has actually risen to (it’s currently at 9 metres).

This is another photograph of the usually family-filled riverside walkway.

The beloved north side KFC joint which has been closed due to flooding.  The reason why I love KFC in Queensland is that they serve HOT & SPICY CHICKEN all year long (unlike in Melbourne where it only flirts with us in the peak of winter).

I’m not sure where Dad took this photo but you have to admit it’s a little disturbing how everything seems so underwater…  Dad said he feels like he’s in Venice – the sinking city.

More water – this time on Dad’s favourite golf course.  Isn’t it ironic how when it floods in Rocky, the skies are always a serene blue devoid of dark rain clouds…

The fairway on a ?Par 3 at Dad’s golf club.  It certainly makes finding your little white ball a wee bit trickier…

The soccer field at Jardine Park.  {Apologies for the horizons in some of these photos.  I don’t think Dad intended for me to publish them on my blog!!!  And apologies to my Dad because I can’t be bothered Photoshop-ping them for him because usually his photos are much too perfect and it’s nice to see he’s sometimes a little flawed like the rest of us :P}

One of my Dad’s patients owns this gym.  Note the sand bagging…  Pretty much all houses and business establishments in the flood zones have been sand bagged.

This photo is surreal… especially with the signage reflected in the flood water which really demonstrates just how high the water has risen…

And now for the piece de resistance..The owner of Raffles Hotel reportedly commissioned 150 trucks to bring in lots and lots of dirt to compress and turn it into a mud barricade for his million-dollar investment.  I absolutely LOVE this photo which depicts the lengths that mere mortals will go to in an attempt to save what means the world to them…


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  1. phyllis

    My first introduction to “Rocky”!

    Very informative and interesting, and we do share your touch of emotions here and there.

    This piece of “journalism” of flood in Rocky tells so much what we do not see on the telly.

    Its a very ‘first hand’ genuine description, reading this joint work of Father and daughter, an honest portrayal of a pretty little town in calamity!

    May I ask how do you guys like your mayor?
    I think I like him by seeing him these days on the telly.
    He seems to be very energetic and knowing what needs to be done for his folks.!
    Rocky & her folks would be fine!

    • elaine

      Thanks Mom

      You’ll have to ask my parents what they think about the mayor as I know very little about him!


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