Last month, my two children and I drove up the Dandenong Ranges with my parents to explore the countryside, inhale fresh air & most importantly, spend some quality time together.  As I was responsible for my two children whilst my husband was hard at work, I left my DSLR at home and procured my father’s glorious photos, which are far superior to that of which I could possibly take, for your visual enjoyment.  We started off in Sassafras and enjoyed moseying around all the gorgeous stores.  We had morning tea there at the French cafe – Cafe de Beaumarchais, and then moved on to Olinda.  At Olinda we stopped by Pie in the Sky and roamed around more of the little shops on offer.  The best part of Olinda, however, was visiting the National Rhododendron Garden which was absolutely amazing and really showed off a stunning array of autumn colours.  We all absolutely loved it and strolled for a couple of hours, completely taken with nature’s beauty.  After that, we drove up to Sky High and had some delicious scones at Sky High Cafe and then returned home, exhausted, to turn in for an early night.

It was so lovely to be able to spend an unforgettable day with my parents and young children.  Thank you so much Grandma & Grandpa for inviting us along! xx








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  1. Lee

    Beautiful photos and beautiful sentiments . Made me feel warm and happy


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