I really like Thaiger.  It’s a tiny, narrow takeaway joint down Causeway Lane in the city.  The third Thai eatery by Merica Charungvat & Juliana Arifin (of FOMO Thai & Pad Thai), this time they’re specialising in burgers.  In fact, there are 14 burgers on their menu alongside  7 salads & an assortment of sides – including sweet potato fries, taro strings, grilled pork skewers, fish cake nibblers & crispy sweet corn fritters.  What’s not to love?

We stopped by earlier this month with our kids and completely shocked ourselves by pigging out on five of their burgers (it actually took a couple of sessions to complete them all!).  I blame it on their extensive, mouth-watering, menu because it was so difficult to cut our selection down any further.  We also purchased a large combo set which was an extra $6.50 to get some large fries and a drink to share.


Large potato chips ($6 independently, or $6.50 as part of  a meal combo with a drink) 
These were crunchy and salty, and there certainly weren’t any complaints from our 3-year-old son.



Crying Thaiger – grilled medium rare beef rump steak, mixed leaves, “Nam Jim Jaew” dressing ($10) 

This was absolutely divine.  The steak was so tender and marinaded in a wonderfully sweet, salty & spicy mix.  It was lovely and spicy and wrapped up in a delicious brioche burger bun. 

“Pou-Nim” black burger – crispy softshell crab, Granny Smith Asian slaw, sweet & tangy dressing ($10) 

This burger looked and tasted incredible.  The soft, charcoal bun accentuated the textural crunch of the softshell crab, and the slaw and the dressing worked marvelously together.

Lemongrass Pork Chop – grilled, 24 hours lemongrass marinated pork chop with cucumber, mint, mixed leaves, caramelised onion &  “Nam Jim Jaew” dressing ($9) 
I’m actually a huge fan of pork chops and this was amazing.  The brioche bun held the extremely tender pork chop and all its marinades so well.  It was moist and packed full of flavour, but even after taking it home with us, wasn’t soggy at all – just delicious.

Chick-Chick Bang-Bang – crispy chicken thigh fillet, Thai sweet chilli mayo, tomato, lettuce, sliced boiled egg ($9) 
We’d ordered beef, soft shell crab, and pork – so we thought we’d be fair and order chicken as well.  Their chick-chick bang-bang was in their delicious brioche burger bun with a super crispy, yet lovely and moist, chicken fillet, cold and contrasting boiled egg & a luscious creamy dressing.  Yum.

Pork Belly Get Into My Belly – twice cooked crispy pork belly, lettuce, coriander, a choice of hoisin sauce or spicy, tangy Thaiger chilli dressing ($10) 
We went for the spicy dressing and it didn’t disappoint.  This burger came in a lovely, delicate, steamed bun.  There was a generous portion of pork crackling tucked away in it guaranteeing that each bite resulted in a satisfying crunch.  Absolutely brilliant.

Reminiscing on our experience from earlier this month is making me crave more Thaiger – I think I might have to head back to try out the remaining 9 burgers!  So good!

Shop 16, The Walk Arcade
8 Causeway Lane
Melbourne  VIC  3000
03 9663 8558

Open 7 days, 11 am – 4 pm

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