We went to Suda last month with my in-laws and were pretty blown away by the intriguing menu on offer.  Suda is a modern Korean restaurant in the city with a lot of tasteful fusion going on. It was a belated Father’s Day celebration so we went a little overboard with the ordering and ended up with a number of takeaway boxes to last us another night or two but the important thing is that we had a lot of fun there. They were very family friendly and gave us a lot of space at the back of the restaurant with plastic tableware for our toddler and a high chair for our infant.

To find it, you turn into Healey’s Laneway and look for the sign with the purple snail. There’s no escargot-slant to the menu – though that may be a good idea for their next revised menu – apparently Alice, the owner, just loves snails! And they’re definitely cute especially with Theo aka Turbo from Dreamworks’ 2013 animation flick at the front of the restaurant.



Sparkling orange yuzu ade ($4.50) & Plum mint iced tea ($4)
My husband had actually ordered the orange yuzu iced tea, and I the sparkling plum mint ade but they mixed up our order!  I was quite disappointed but the two waitresses we told looked at each other like they weren’t sure what to do so we told them not to worry about it.  The plum mint iced tea was quite plain and could have done with an injection of lemonade but the yuzu ade was delicious.

Lotus root chips ($4 on the lunch menu; $5 on the dinner menu) 
We ordered these for our son to munch on.  They were deliciously crunchy and served with a spicy mayo.

Suda’s Korean BBQ burger – 2 mini burgers with lotus root chips ($10 on the lunch menu) 
These were delicious.  The buns were lovely and soft, the burger patties deliciously seasoned and the coleslaw matched extremely well.

Suda’s crispy chicken burrito – brown rice & pearl barley inside, served with lotus root chips ($10 on the lunch menu)
This was really tasty.  The chicken was warm and crispy and there was a fantastic mayo within which brought the whole dish together.

Tteok & halloumi – crispy rice cake, grilled halloumi, plum honey, seeds ($11 on the dinner menu)
I fell in love with Korean rice cakes when we dined at Gangnam Pocha.  So this was something that I was keen to try as it sounded so bizarre!  It actually worked really well.  The halloumi surprisingly wasn’t overpowering despite it’s strong taste and the honey was drizzled atop in just the right amount to make the salty dish a little bit  sweet.  I was really taken with this dish.

Kimchi fritters – kimchi, calamari, sweet chili sauce ($10 on the dinner menu) 
Wow.. soooo good!  They were so lovely and crispy on the outside and so lovely and tender within.  You could taste the kimchi within which was obscured a little when doused in some of the sweet chilli sauce on the side.

K+popcorn chicken – Korean style crispy chicken, peanut, spring onion, sweet chili sauce ($10 on the dinner menu) 
Oh this was good.  It was drenched in a sweet chilli sauce but somehow still exquisitely crunchy.  It was a divine.  And no it wasn’t that spicy at all – perfect for young children!

Crumbed seafood pancake – spring onion, seafood, bread crumb ($13 on the dinner menu) 
This was interesting.  It was a little like Japanese okonomiyaki except there was a lot of spring onions in it reminding us of the Shanghainese-style pancakes but at the same time it was very soft and there was an interested bread crumb mix on top.  I probably wouldn’t order it again but that’s because I’m a huge fan of the Japanese & Shanghainese style pancakes so this was a little bit vague and not quite right for me.

Kimchi quesadilla – kimchi, tuna, sour cream, tomato salsa ($14 on the dinner menu)
This was interesting.  It was quite soggy within because of all the cheese on top and the moisture within but it was very unique and extremely tasty.  I was afraid the tinned tuna might be a bit too pungent but it teamed so nicely with the rest of the ingredients – esp the tomato salsa – that it wasn’t off-putting at all.

Chili seafood spaghetti – spicy Napoli, seafood, baguette, parmesan ($16 on the dinner menu) 
This was really spicy!  It reminded me a little of those French/Japanese fusion spaghettis that you can get around Melbourne these days but it was really good.  The seafood was perfectly cooked and although I would have loved it to come out with the baguette that was stated on the menu, the tortillas also matched quite nicely.

All in all we had a fabulous family gathering at Suda.  The staff were friendly and attentive and the creative food resulted in us loving pretty much every dish.  Definitely a place we would consider returning to in the future.

Shop C2, 550 Lonsdale Street
Enter via Healey’s Laneway
Melbourne  VIC  3000
03 9942 6422

Open Monday – Friday 11 am – 11 pm;
Saturday 12 – 11 pm; Sunday 5 – 11 pm.

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