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We actually went to Scienceworks’ Rescue Exhibit back in March and I’ve obviously been meaning to write about it for some time now.  It’s a temporary exhibit and it’s open every day from 10 – 4.30 pm until the 5th of October 2014.  General admission is $10 per adult and is free for concession card holders & children under 16.  The Rescue exhibit is an extra $6/$5/$4.50 (adults/concession/children) with only a meagre $3/$2.50/$2.25 charge for Museum Victoria members.  The exhibit’s primary focus is for families with children in primary school but although we took Lil’ E there when he was still under 3, he had a great time – as did we.

We learned a lot about what the search and rescue teams have to do in Australia to save lives.  A comprehensive guide is posted at Museum Victoria’s website but here are some photos from the real thing to give you a bit of a taste of what you’ll be up for.  There were other areas that we forgot to take photos of (because we were all involved in the activity) like the interesting Pulley & Cliff Walk sections and there were a few others focused on older children which Lil’ E, obviously, wasn’t that into.

rescue science works 1280px-2The Helicopter Rescue  section was great fun.  It was a flight simulator suitable for children and adults alike.

rescue science works 1280px-3In true MV style, there were educational stations dotted all around the exhibit.

rescue science works 1280px-4This was the Vertical Rescue area where you were supposed to make your way around it in a 360 degree loop.  Our son didn’t have the strength to do this but he did manage to climb upwards with assistance a few times and loved it.

rescue science works 1280px-5There was also heavy machinery on display like these massive clamps and cutters used to extract civilians from vehicles.

rescue science works 1280px-6At the Wave Rescue station Lil’ E enjoyed trying to find the swimmer washed out to sea on the jet skis and after a couple of rounds with his dad, attempted it on his own…

rescue science works 1280px-7Fight The Fire was actually the most useful for me where you learned about the different types of fires and how to put them out.  Lil’ E had a great time and by the end of it had memorised the simulator sequences of the fires and which method to use.  Whether he’ll be able to remember in the future from his experience that day is extremely questionable!


rescue science works 1280px-8Lil’ E was so short for the Fire Experience that there was no need for him to get down on all fours and crawl through the 40C smoked out replica burning building that he just ran in and out numerous times in fits of giggles.


rescue science works 1280px-9This Modern Life Raft simulator was hard work according to my husband.  Lil’ E wasn’t allowed in on his own due to the height restriction but he was allowed in with a supervising adult who had to bear the brunt of his weight for the entire time.

All in all a fun & interesting temporary addition to Scienceworks.  Definitely worth going to at least once.  We went to Scienceworks for the first time when Lil’ E was around 12 months of age.  He really loved it – especially the upstairs section where it’s a lot more interactive for the younger kids.  We have a MV membership (it’s only $70 per household) and we are regular visitors at both the Melbourne Museum & Scienceworks Museum as there are sections suitable from toddler aged children onwards.  If you have children it’s definitely something worth considering as they truly are sponges as far as learning is concerned and the memories that we’ve made there are absolutely priceless.

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    Looks like a lot of fun ! We should take Bella there next year !


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