nieuw amsterdam clam chowderCall me crazy but I’ve never personally been keen on confinement – I think it can contribute to the postnatal blues.  So since the birth of our second child – a little girl, Lil’ B – almost 6 weeks ago now, my hubby’s been taking our little family out for yummy eats since we got discharged from the hospital.

nieuw amsterdam menuLast weekend, we had lunch at Nieuw Amsterdam and were heartily impressed by the family-friendliness of the staff (though wheel chair & pram toting people beware of the narrow staircases) and the delicious, take-no-prisoners, food on offer.  Our toddler, Lil’ E loved the tasty food (& the buttery crust of their house bread), and Lil’ B slept peacefully in her pram which they created lots of room for.

The lunch menu was a little limited but had enough to keep us impressed.  Their dinner menu is slightly more extensive but the great thing about the establishment is that any time is a good time for food – from opening to closing.

Here’s what we had..pork belly bbq meat trayPork Belly Chop BBQ Meat Tray

pork bellyThe pork belly was so perfectly cooked and melted in our mouths.  The potato mash was amazing and the cabbage salad sublime.

clam chowderNew York Clam Chowder – fancy that.. served on a plate!  It was a bit too salty during our lunch service but so unique in its deconstructed elegance.  They gave us their house bread to soak up every ounce of goodness.

grits frittersGrits Fritters – with sweetcorn and heirloom beetroot.  The grits fritters were so pillow-y soft and the combined flavours and textures were pleasantly zingy and refreshing.

For dessert, we indulged in three of the four on offer – no offense intended to the Berry Split!peanut butter sandwichPeanut Butter Sandwich with cherry ripe ice cream, salted peanut caramel & chocolate sauce.  This was my husband’s favourite dessert.  I found the cherry ripe ice cream a bit overpowering – but each to their own..

pumpkin donutsPumpkin Donuts with Kentucky bourbon cream.  The doughnuts were great and in need of a cream accompaniment.  But what a bang the bourbon gave – certainly not for the faint hearted!

And finally my favourite dessert of the day..the nieuw chocolate barThe Nieuw Chocolate Bar with banana and tonka bean ice cream.  The banana bread and toffee-coated bananas accompanied the dish so well.  The chocolate bar was deliciously decadent and chewy with a beautiful crumbly base that melted in my mouth.  I was in Heaven.

Now that I’ve been there I completely understand what all the fuss is about!
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