Hubby and I took the day off work today to spend some quality time with our kids.  It kicked off with a sensational Play School Concert, an unfulfilling lunch experience in Fairfield, gelato at Il Melograno, a fabulous run around Royal Park in Parkville, and ended with a stop by Mörk Chocolate Brew House & Concept Store – which opened this afternoon.

Mörk, meaning ‘dark’ in Swedish (& in reference to Mörk’s passion for dark chocolate), has been a part of Melbourne’s food scene for the past 3 years – served at many of Melbourne’s very best cafes.  Swedish chocolatier, Josefin Zernell – together with her partner, Kiril Shaginov – have dubbed themselves the ‘Cacao Artisans of Melbourne’ having sourced & concocted remarkable chocolate blends using cacao liquor from Venezuela, cocoa powder from Ghana & unrefined coconut blossom sugar from West Java, Indonesia.  The blends are made in small batches to ensure freshness with consistent, exceptional, quality.

The brew house is situated in a former bakery on Errol Street in North Melbourne.  At the very front of their workspace is an 18-seater space with a decidedly Scandinavian feel about it.  An abundance of natural light floods the entryway with a sense of chic minimalism from the sleek taps to the exquisite black Tuckbox stools.



The menu requires explanation from the extremely helpful waiters but it essentially contains their House Hot Chocolate blends made with cow’s, soy, or almond milk.  It also contains Water Based Chocolate (dairy free), one which is served cold: their chocolate soda containing liquid chocolate mixed with cold soda water.  Then they have their Signature Chocolate section with a choice of five intriguing creations which we chose two of.  And then their Little Ones section especially for kids!  If you want something a little more substantial, there’s a selection of caneles, cakes, brioche, chocolate, and housemade marshmallow in their front cabinet.


mork chocolate brew house & concept store-1

Vanilla-infused soda water (complimentary) 
Upon being seated, the experience begins with a small glass of vanilla-infused soda water intended to cleanse the palate and to prepare it for the chocolate feast it’s about to embark on.


mork chocolate brew house & concept store-4

Chocolate foam – milk foam with chocolate sprinkle ($1) 
This was an extremely decadent babycino and 1-year-old, Miss B, loved it.  She finished every last drop and ended up with the cutest chocolate-coated nose from the rim of the cup.


mork chocolate brew house & concept store-3Mini chocolate – Junior Dark with marshmallow ($3) 
The marshmallows were divine and our 3.5-year-old, Lil’ E, thoroughly enjoyed dunking one of his marshmallows into his hot chocolate (which comprised 50% cacao); the other he chose to generously share with his sister.  Like his sister, he also finished his drink in its entirety in record time and ended up with what will likely end up being the trademark Mörk nose!


mork chocolate brew house & concept store-6Layered chocolate – chilled dark chocolate with warm custard ($7) 
This was exquisite.  The custard was infused with orange zest and warmed the chilled dark chocolate as it seeped through it.  It was like a warm, luscious jaffa dessert – taken to the next level.  And it wasn’t just a hit with the adults – it was huge hit with the kids as well.


mork chocolate brew house & concept store-7Campfire chocolate – hot chocolate, smoke & marshmallow ($8) 
We really should have taken a video of this but anyway.. here’s a series of photos that shows you what goes down.  It’s a real sensory experience where you release the divine campfire smoke from the glass, pour the exquisite hot chocolate from the pouring jug, add to it the smoked sea salt, and then stir it all together with the toasted housemade marshmallow.

The campfire experience was so much fun and the outcome was completely original and on a whole ‘nother level.  Oh dear, Mörk, I do believe you may have turned me into an Australian chocolate snob! *gasp*

150 Errol Street
North Melbourne  VIC  3051
03 9328 1386

Open Tu-Sat 8am – 5pm
Sun 9am – 5pm

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