Miss Korea in Camberwell – she’s had some work done & she looks good!


Miss Korea Kitchen & Grill has been open for just under a month.  Last week, we decided to stop by for some lunch.  When we walked in it was empty, bar one table.  It was fitted out with the same aesthetic of most modern Korean restaurants these days and reminded us of Seoul Soul in Northcote.  It is, not surprisingly, by the same design team – Arkim.  There are colour-changing LED lights out the front, curtains partitioning the dining area from the kitchen emblazoned with a sensible beauty queen’s mantra – ‘Don’t cry over spilled milk’, and a tiara befitting a future Miss Universe competitor.

We actually got in trouble by the waitress when we started flicking through the pages of their menu.  Our menus were closed, turned to the back page and it was explained to us that the lunch menu is restricted to only those dishes that can be ordered on the small order slip that each diner is allocated.  As lovers of Korean cuisine and a little scared of a potential Seinfeld soup nazi situation, we didn’t dare open the menu again.  However, we’ve had a thorough look online at their complete menu & it definitely resembles a pretty typical Korean menu, albeit an extensive one, with plenty of vegetarian & gluten free options available.

The lunch menu is simple.  You can order a MIKO set lunch which for $13 includes your choice of a carbohydrate (rice or noodles), a protein (beef, pork, chicken, prawn, or tofu), & a side.  Or you can order a bento ($12), bowl ($9.50), hot stone bibimbap ($14), burger ($11), or ramen ($13).

So anyway, what did my husband and I order?  Well most certainly more than a beauty queen would indulge in on her biggest cheat day…

MIKO set lunch – yaki noodles, spicy pork bulgogi, wasabi octopus ($13) miss korea 1280-6

The noodles were exquisite.  They had been cooked al dente and soaked up the flavour of the gorgeously caramelised sweet, spicy pork.  The wasabi octopus was like no other.  It was done ceviche style with the raw octopus sliding down my throat with a unique, creamy, well-rounded kick of the wasabi at the end.  It was ridiculous – in an addictive, wasabi pea, kind of way.

MIKO set lunch – steamed rice, spicy prawn, prawn tempura salad ($13) miss korea 1280-14The spicy prawns were perfectly cooked and teamed with a lovely combination of stir-fried vegetables.  The prawn tempura salad was a bit over-rated with a solitary prawn and a bread crumb coating, but acceptable given the $13 price tag of the whole meal.

Salmon stone bowl bibimbap ($14) miss korea 1280-12This was lovely although I’m always keen for even more crispy rice lining the base of my bowl.  The vegetables were all beautifully prepared.  The salmon, unfortunately, was a tad overcooked.

I can honestly say that by the end of our meal, on a weekday, 80% of the tables were filled and all of them with Koreans.  To us, this indicates that the food is: a) good, b) authentic, & c) good value!  All in all, we’re pretty impressed with this welcome addition to our neighbourhood.  We’ll be back to try their dinner menu and wouldn’t be surprised if Miss Korea turns into one of our local haunts.

845 Burke Road
Camberwell  VIC  3124
03 9882 4999

Open Tuesday – Sunday
11:30 am – 3 pm; 5 – 11 pm

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey have u tested Chang go in the city ? They only do dinner from 530 – want to try this Sunday night ? ( a pretty popular looking new Korean in the city )

    • Elaine

      Hi Laura

      Yes it was very good value! We had a great time there. We really do need to return at some stage!


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