Lights in the Attic is one of those places that’s very easy to drive by and miss.  It’s discreetly located at the bottom of a new apartment block and has been open for 4 months now.  It’s the second cafe by Kevin Lee (also Green Eggs & Ham in St Kilda) and he’s brought his head chef, Hwan Ok Choi, over from Koko.  It’s no ordinary cafe – it’s got some awesome Korean fusion going on.  And the fit-out is pretty unique.  It’s light and airy and makes great use of its indoor and outdoor space.

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The great majority of people whilst we were there were ordering eggs and that’s certainly how their ‘create your own’  menu works.  You select the type of bread you want (sourdough/multigrain/brioche/gluten free/cheese on top), how you want your eggs cooked, whether you want any meat (bacon/sliced ham/smoked ocean trout/cheese kransky), and/or any vegetables, homemade sauces, or preserves on the side.  The price of your meal is calculated according to what you order.  They also have a ‘light breakfast’ section with things like French toast, croissants, fruit salad, and porridge in the mix, a small ‘salad’ section, and a ‘big breakfast’ section with two options – meat or veg.  We went at lunch time so chose to go with their specials menu and ordered a wrap from their front cabinet as well.  We tried to order a couple of cold pressed juices which they make on the premises but these are only available on weekends for the time being.

Cappuccino ($3.80) lights in the attic 1280-2They use Atomica coffee and they make really good coffee there.

Mocha ($3.80) lights in the attic 1280-8

Attic pizza – fried eggs, bacon & blue cheese on garlic roti with maple/mixed nut sauce & sweet potato chips ($18.50) lights in the attic 1280-14This was quite unique.  It was very oily so it got soggy quite quickly but the combination of flavours was impressive and the maple syrup-based sauce – as quirky as it was – somehow worked.  The sweet potato chips were lovely and crispy.

Pulled pork burger – pulled pork belly with Korean satay sauce, white raddish pickle, red onion, garlic aioli, rocket & home made wedges ($17.50) lights in the attic 1280-12This was pretty impressive.  The pork was lovely and tender, the sauce was delicious, and the homemade wedges were divine.  We thought the wedges came with my husband’s favourite dunking sauce – a kewpie and sweet chilli sauce combination – but the kewpie was actually whipped cream.  Regardless, it worked and was fabulous.

Sweet chilli prawn wrap ($10.50) lights in the attic 1280-10Wow.. a roti wrap.. and who doesn’t love roti?  The prawn was minced, marinaded, crumbed, and deep fried.  It was really good but I’m not sure if the end product was completely worth all those calories…!

All in all, a fabulous dining experience at Lights in the Attic.  The staff were great and the food & coffee was wonderful.  This is a brunch spot worth getting out of bed for.

38 Camberwell Road
Hawthorn East  VIC  3123
03 9813 5042

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  1. Monique

    Lovely photos. That pizza and sweet potato chips looks great. This has been on my list since finding Green Eggs and Ham too, just got to make the trip down to Hawthorn on the weekend some day!

    • Elaine

      Thanks for stopping by Monique. I came across your post on Green Eggs & Ham when I was doing my research on Lights in the Attic last night! It looks like a great cafe. Hawthorn is getting better and better. I love how there are way too many places to try all over Melbourne. We are so spoilt for choice! xx


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