Le Grill Barbecue & Diner in Hawthorn – for truly exceptional burgers & fries


Unlike Melbourne’s CBD, Hawthorn doesn’t have any famous alleyways that I’m aware of – but I have a feeling that Luton Lane’s going to get famous with Le Grill’s chic entrance round the back of Nevermind Bar.

Le Grill is unpretentious.  It is what it is.  It’s a super chic 40-seat diner with a huge, confronting, Mike Makatron water buffalo mural on the wall & a whole stack of lobster buzzers to let you know when your order is ready.  Everyone’s genuinely friendly and families – babies and toddlers included – are welcomed (& even given a stack of paper & washable makeshift markers to amuse themselves with).  The staff are more than happy to play any role – our order was taken by the head chef & one of the owners delivered the food to our table!  And the food.. wow.. the food is mind-blowing.

Le Grill & Nevermind Bar are owned by Jed Burgess, Joe Downey & Cam Jackson.  Somehow they managed to lure Nick De Re to head up their kitchen.  De Re trained in New South Wales and started off with some pubs, but ended up finding his place in Melbourne when he moved here 5 years ago.  But De Re hasn’t just perfected pub food, he has a fine dining background having worked with Shannon Bennett’s Vue group and at Scott Picket’s Estelle in Northcote.  When he took on his role as head chef at Le Grill, De Re made clear that he wants the diner to be “perfect”.  “Everything has to be done well with good quality produce.”  In fact everything is made on the premises apart from their meat & buns which they source locally from Glenferrie Gourmet Meats & Knead Bakery which are both less than half a kilometre away.  They even learnt how to make cheese curd in order to perfect their Canadian poutine.  We visited two weeks ago and managed to take a sneak peek at their new Yoder smoker in action.  After two weeks of rigorous experimenting with the ‘low & slow’ method of cooking, this week they’ve started serving up their pork shoulder ribs on Thursdays at dinner time and Fridays & Saturdays for both lunch & dinner.


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Waffle fries ($6) le grill 1280-18These were amazing.  Our son absolutely loved them.  So gorgeously crispy and perfectly seasoned.

Poutine ($9) le grill 1280-17When I was in primary & secondary school, I spent a significant proportion of my Christmas holidays in Canada.  Poutine was something my Canadian cousins were crazy over so we indulged in loads of it.  Funny thing is that I can’t recall poutine as perfect as this.  The fries were perfectly seasoned, super crispy, coated in just the right amount of gorgeously glistening gravy & the homemade cheese curd was ridiculously good.  When my Canadian relies come to visit Melbourne, I’ll be bringing them to Le Grill to showcase how spectacular poutine can really be!

Le Grill Wings – hot wings ($10) le grill 1280-21These were great.  They were a little bit spicy with a luscious smokiness about them and they were very tender.

Le Grill Double – double beef, double cheese & bacon ($10) le grill 1280-24The perfect burger.  The patties were so well seasoned, perfectly cooked and super moist.  The cheese was oozing down the patties, and the bacon & homemade relish really brought it home, together with the toasted brioche bun.

Le Grill Rouleau de Poisson – white bap, white fish, herb salad & chili ($10) le grill 1280-19I thought the Le Grill Double was perfect but this remarkable fish burger stood its ground.  Our John Dory was perfectly seasoned and matched nicely with the onions, pickles & coriander.  It had just the right amount of spice.

We had an absolutely faultless meal at Le Grill.  Everything was amazing – the food, the service, the incredible value for money.  All I can say is.. Le Grill: please don’t judge me if you see me drawn to your irresistible food every month.. I can’t help it!

Rear 336 Burwood Road
Entry via Luton Lane
Hawthorn  VIC  3122
03 9819 0078

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