Last month we stopped by Kokido for a healthy family dinner.  When we arrived, I was quite struck by their unique fit out by Studio Equator.  I loved the bright pops of colour, the enormous up-turned planters used as light shades and the vibrancy of the healthy salads on offer.  Kokido is owned and operated by two experienced chefs – Amit Doron & Shimi Zaguri – and they’re serving up antibiotic-free, hormone-free & gluten-free, locally-sourced, free-range chicken that’s oven-baked and seasoned to perfection.  They also have a selection of sliders or subs, seasonal soups, homemade drinks, and sides not only comprising potato chips but also steamed brown rice and sweet potato chips.  There’s definitely something suitable for every member of every family.

The chicken is fairly priced at $15.90 for a whole chicken and we could choose from either their original herb & spice blend, or their ‘Smokin’ Spanish’ chicken which was marinaded in smoked paprika, garlic, chilli & olive oil.  We chose to go with their Full House pack for $35.90 and  ended up packing half of it as leftovers to enjoy the following day.  In addition ,we tried out their homemade drinks which were $3.50 each & their sliders (2 for $9.90).

Cantaloupe & strawberry homemade drink 
This was lovely and refreshing and packed full of fruity goodness.

Pineapple & mint homemade lemonade 
I loved it.  It was so tart and zingy with a decent dose of sugar.

Paco sliders – smokey corn salsa, corn chips, spicy mayo 
The team at Kokido were so thoughtful and offered to put their delicious homemade spicy mayo on the side in case it was too hot for our 3-year-old.  I loved the slider buns from Noisette teamed with their deliciously moist chicken with the textural crunch of the corn chip.  As a mother, I was also impressed that our son polished off the accompanying tomato & corn!

Smokin’ Spanish whole chicken 
It’s true.  It wasn’t that hot and our son was more than happy to try it.  Beautifully seasoned, tender & moist, this healthy roast chicken was divine and definitely finger lickin’ good!

Rustic cut chips (large) 
These were crispy, chunky, and seasoned to perfection.

Eat Your Greens salad – broccoli, sautéed leek, feta, toasted almonds, vinaigrette 
They had so many delicious salads on offer at Kokido and I regret having not taken them up on their offer to try a a few of them in the one bowl!  This salad, however, was amazing.  It was low in carbs and packed full of nutrients.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All in all, I was rather taken with Kokido and would probably frequent it on a regular basis if it were closer to our house.  Kokido’s serving up a great selection of honest, wholesome, seasonal food that’s absolutely delicious.

467C Hawthorn Road
Caulfield  VIC  3162
03 9532 8881

Open 7 days, 11:30 – 8:30 pm

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