Our son started pre-kinder this week so as a treat for surviving four consecutive hours of orientation – which essentially included loads of socialising and continuous play (poor child!) – we took him out for gelato.  But not just any gelato – Il Melograno serves up authentic Sicilian gelato set to rival even Gelateria Primavera which I’ve for years now considered the best gelato in Melbourne.

Il Melograno’s owner, Carl Fodera, lived in Italy for 10 years.  Before returning home to Australia he was determined to learn how to make authentic Sicilian gelato.  This was harder than he initially anticipated due to the fact that the top secret recipes were handed down from generation to generation.  As an outsider, he happened upon the Enea family, and from there, a partnership developed with Marco Enea – a third generation Sicilian gelato creator.  All of Enea’s recipes use seasonal ingredients and are created from scratch to achieve perfect sugar balance.  The authentic gelato, void of any preservatives, is stored in air tight vats sealed within the concrete bench to prolong the taste and texture of the gelato.

Alongside the gelato are equally tempting pastries, cakes, and a small selection of warm, savoury Italian dishes from Chef Alesandro Spicchia’s kitchen.

The artisan wood roasted coffee is something else that they take seriously.  Currently using Ricci Method coffee, they have plans to open a wood roasting room to roast their own coffee beans.  They also hope to obtain a liquor licence shortly and open up an outdoor dining area and courtyard.

Il Melograno’s gelato is unique in that it has a stretchy property to it that I’d never seen before.  When I initially saw my son scoop out a spoonful from his cup, I anticipated a chewy, bubblegum sort of texture to it but it was so beautifully soft and creamy with the purest, most concentrated, flavours.

Gelato is priced at $5.80 for a small cup with up to 2 flavours, $6.50 for a large cup with up to 3 flavours, and $6.80 for gelato in an ice cream cone.  We particularly liked how there was no rubbish at the end of the meal because you could simply eat up your entire, very tasty, cone cup!

Cappuccino ($3.50) il melograno 1280-8A bit of a latte art blip, or perhaps a yin yang symbol, but the flavour of this wood roasted coffee was incredible.

Mocha ($3.50)il melograno 1280-10MmMmmmm.

Iranian pistachio, Ricci Method coffee, pear & elderflower gelato (large cup) ($6.50) il melograno 1280-5The pear and elderflower gelato was absolutely sensational.  I wasn’t so keen on the coffee gelato as it was a bit less flavoursome and not quite as creamy but the pistachio was absolutely wonderful.

Hazelnut, Dutch chocolate, almond brittle gelato (large cup) ($6.50) il melograno 1280-7All of these flavours were absolutely stunning.  So robust and so absolutely perfect.

Williams pear, Royal Gala apple, strawberry sorbet (large) ($6.50) il melograno 1280-3All three of these fruity flavour were creamy & smooth in texture despite being sorbets.  These were the best sorbets I’ve ever tasted.  And yes they were stretchy as well!

Il Melograno translates as “The Pomegranate Tree” and symbolises health, prosperity & luck in Italian culture.  It’s such a beautiful and edifying name for this warm and inviting establishment – which is destined for sweet, stretchy, success..

76 High Street
Northcote  VIC  3070
03 9482 2092
Open Tuesday – Sunday, 11 am – 10:30 pm

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