My husband and I both had yesterday afternoon off work so we took the opportunity to catch up with a friend who’s very near & dear to our hearts.  Keen to try somewhere new, we hauled our children to the opening day of Emily Bitto & Nathen Doyle’s new digs – named after Tom Waits’ 1980 album.  Heartattack & Vine is a specialty coffee & neighbourhood bar inspired by travels to Italy where hospitality and good food were first and foremost.  It will be open 7 days a week from 7 am till 11 pm.  Nicky Adams is behind the Venetian cicchetti bar’s design which is warm and inviting, and a little bit rustic.  The staff are eager to please and the pastries on offer look especially inviting, as does the succulent porchetta that stands front and centre as you enter the restaurant/bar during lunch hour.


heartattack & vine-3
Mocha ($4) 
This was decent and quite typical of what we’ve come to expect from specialty coffee shops.

heartattack & vine-1
Six Barrell Soda Co – raspberry & lemon ($5) 
Our son slurped down this number with great enthusiasm yesterday probably because it was 30°C outside when we were there and the back of their restaurant was like a sauna.

The lunch menu was quite limited and was restricted to sweet pastries or a choice of prawn brioche, porchetta roll, or vegetarian ciabatta.  None of us were keen on ordering their vegetarian ciabatta but here’s a little run down on the rest of their menu:
heartattack & vine-9
Almond croissant ($4.50) 
The waiter knew I was ordering this with my son in mind and kindly offered to cut it up into slices suitable for a 3-year-old.  It was a really thoughtful and well-appreciated gesture.  The almond croissant was absolutely delicious.  The outside was lovely and crunchy, the inside nice and dense, and the buttery flakes of puff pastry melted in our mouths.

heartattack & vine-8
Poached prawn brioche ($14)
We ordered two of these and they were really quite delicious.  The prawns were cooked just right and tossed in a light seafood-esque type sauce.  They were sent to the table cold atop an iceberg lettuce leaf hugged between the embrace of a delicious brioche bun.  It was also served with a little dish of their Italian slaw which was not as sweet as most with a generous pinch of parsley for seasoning.
heartattack & vine-7
Porchetta roll ($14) 
This was absolutely brilliant.  The ciabatta was slathered in the herbs used to marinate the porchetta which consisted of a succulent combination of Hagens free range pork loin & pork belly which had been slow roasted to perfection.

Despite the failure of their air conditioner, we sat in relative comfort compared to the workers there.  Despite this minor issue, we thoroughly enjoyed the food, the drinks, and most of all – the company!

329 Lygon Street
Carlton  VIC  3053
03 9005 8624

Open 7 days 7 am – 11 pm

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