Grub is from a different world.  You stumble onto a vacant lot with a shiny 1960s Airstream van, a few vintage tables and chairs with camouflage nets, a la army, strewn above them, and Mike Makatron graffiti encircling the area – Grub Food Van.  Our 3-year-old son proceeded cautiously.  But at the end of the front yard is a converted warehouse with a kid’s play area out the front – Grub Hole.  Our son’s eyes glistened and he cracked a mischievous smile.  Further inside is a ping pong table, a greenhouse, an open kitchen & bar, an eclectic mix of pre-loved furniture, and a whole bevvy of vintage (& not so vintage) toys & other miscellaneous items dotted masterfully throughout the spacious interior.  Our son was so exceedingly taken with the place: “Can we take Grandma here?  She would love it!”



Grub was opened in March 2012 by the owners – Tim Mann & Mark Murphy – who reportedly live upstairs above Grub Hole.  It’s closed on Mondays and has hours that vary in summer and winter but the owners apparently reserve the right to close on any given day – because that’s how they roll.  The head chef is Rebecca Creighton (previously pastry chef at Pearl, Coda, Rockpool, and The Point) who’s serving up a menu that, although somewhat unusual, somehow just works – really well in fact.  What’s on offer is an all day, mostly savoury, menu using locally-sourced, seasonal, produce.

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grub food van 1200-5Cappuccino ($3.80)
Absolutely divine.  They serve 5 Senses coffee.

grub food van 1200-4Mocha ($3.80)
Also exceptional.

grub food van 1200-14Papaya Ice Slushie ($8)
Our son & our 7-month-old daughter loved this.  It had all sorts of fruit blended into it – papaya, apple, orange, pineapple, as well as a generous knob of ginger & a little mint.

grub food van 1200-17Junior Board – Gypsy ham, cheddar, egg & avocado ($12)
Suggested by our waiter, it had everything a 3-year-old kid loves.  And having now attended kinder for 5 weeks, Lil’ E asked us if he was allowed to use his fingers.  We used to say no (especially in public) but the new-found freedom my husband & I now have to enjoy our own food, uninterrupted as he happily feeds himself, is something we now embrace.  And so we can proclaim, on his behalf, that this super cute, crazy, face platter was – indeed – finger lickin’ good!

grub food van 1200-20New Season Green Asparagus – white polenta, fried brussel sprouts, chestnut & crispy egg on sourdough ($15)
Dear Grub, I actually enjoyed brussel sprouts for the first time!  Major milestone.  The polenta was an unusual gluggy smear but was actually very tasty.  It was topped with partially crisped, well seasoned brussel sprouts, lots of delicious pan-fried asparagus, chopped chestnuts, an egg – sunny-side up, and a delicious baguette – sliced in half – from Noisette.  It was a bizarre combination but it worked, marvellously.

grub food van 1200-19Grub Egg & Bacon – bacon steak, smoked tomato jam, pink fir rosti, crispy egg with mache & hazelnut salad ($19)
The thick-set bacon was delicious and teamed nicely with the tomato jam.  The rosti was lovely and crispy and the egg.. well the egg was sensational.  It was coated in breadcrumbs and fried.  It was delightfully crunchy and the yolk was as if it had been soft-boiled, oozing out lusciously as we broke into it.  Although I agree that there is a time and a place for raw onion, I’ve never really been a fan and feel that it didn’t really belong uncooked on this dish.  Raw onions swept aside, the salad of mixed greens (in place of the mache) and roasted hazelnuts went extremely well together.

Our family had an absolute blast at Grub.  Our infant daughter declared she loves bread from Noisette & fruit slushies, our son got a bit grubby, and due to the amazing ambience, we got to chill out, inhale a little extra oxygen from the surrounding plants, and truly enjoy each other’s company – not to mention the incredibly tasty food.  Although it is perhaps a little pricey, it’s definitely not going to deter us from returning.

87-89 Moor St
Fitzroy  VIC  3065
03 9419 8991

Open Tue – Thu, Sun 8 am – 5 pm;Fri – Sat 8 am – 9 pm. 
Note: opening times vary according to season.

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