People who know me well know that I’d never voluntarily venture to a caravan park.  However, my husband, being the good food scout that he is knew that I wouldn’t be able to say no to this super kitschy venue.  Grand Trailer Park Taverna is quirky.  It’s so divinely different that our kids felt immediately at home.  It actually reminded me of our adventures to Grub & Colonel Tan’s.

The entrance leads you up a graffitied staircase which, let’s face it, makes you feel a little trippy.  Its iridescent LED lighting and overhanging fairy lights make it feel a little shady until you approach the stoop where a flood of natural light comes streaming through a big, open room decorated with miscellaneous caravan shells, tables and seating strewn across the room.  There’s also a chandelier, mirror ball, and outdoor lighting attached to the ceiling.  It’s bizarrely brilliant.

The alcohol list is admirable with the usual beers/cider/wine list merged with cocktails, Trailer Park Slushies and the aptly named Spiced Milkshakes section.  With kids in tow and the city’s Christmas events yet to investigate, we stuck with a couple of their burgers & shared a dessert at the end of our meal.

grand trailer park-10

JIRO – Premium Aussie beef pattie, Swiss cheese, braised lamb & truffle cayenne mayonnaise on a lightly toasted soft white bun ($16.50) 

A major advocate of white truffle oil, I actually felt there was way too much truffle going on in our mayonnaise.  Fortunately the bun mopped it all up and the lamb was so incredibly tender and well seasoned that the burger was still absolutely delicious.  Even our kids loved it.

grand trailer park-11

FRANCIS UNDERWOOD – Premium Aussie beef pattie, American cheddar cheese, tomato, butter lettuce, potato mac & cheese croquette, special burger sauce & American mustard on a lightly toasted brioche bun ($16)  

Frankly they could have put anything in this burger and I still would have ordered it because I’m a major fan of House of Cards.  It was definitely true to its name.  It was an intoxicating, shady, indecent & completely over-the-top Machiavellian burger with a Southern twang.  I loved it.  Whipped up, it was truly representative of Kevin Spacey’s character.

grand trailer park-9

HAND CUT CHIPS – Large ($7.50) 

Although the chips kept our 3-year-old son occupied, they were actually a tad undercooked.

grand trailer park-20

ACE OF SPADES – Nutella parfait, Nutella ice magic, house made marshmallow & roasted hazelnuts ($11) 

This dessert sounded so good.  The parfait was a little too sweet, the choc topping way too firm, and the marshmallow incredibly chewy.  However, that didn’t stop us from scooping up every last drop.

All in all we had a wonderful time at Grand Trailer Park Taverna.  It’s overpriced but the burgers are amazing and the ambience is absolutely priceless.

87 Bourke Street
Melbourne  VIC  3000
03 9972 3699

Open Tue – Sat 11:30 am till late

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