GG’s – short for Grandpa Giuseppe’s – is located beneath a block of luxury apartments at 150 Clarendon Street in East Melbourne.  The kitchen is headed up by Chef Paul Dunlop and a key player within the menu is their rotisserie where the meats are slow roasted over coal & wood.  My husband surprised me by taking me there for lunch a few weeks ago, and we tried out their Sharing Menu – 4 courses for the table to share ($59 pp) – which is not only available at lunch time but also in the evening.  Dressed in casual attire, we didn’t feel out of place amongst the suits that walked in as the vibe of the restaurant / bar seemed all-encompassing and the service staff were friendly and happy to accommodate our family.

The complimentary bread basket came almost as soon as we were seated.GG 1600-13

The FIRST COURSE was a selection of food taken from their small plates section.GG 1600-14

Braised local olives – fennel, cuminGG 1600-15Such a gorgeous, glistening assortment of olives.

Cauliflower veloute – with blue cheese & chivesGG 1600-16Absolutely stunning – lovely and creamy with subtle pops of blue cheese.  At the end, we mopped up every drop with the house bread.

Lamb kofta – dill yoghurt, olive & coriander vinaigretteGG 1600-17These were really delicious – tender and moist & packed full of flavour.

Chicken wings – crumbed dukka, toasted almonds, onion mayoGG 1600-18So good.

Crostini – smoked mozzarella, basil, balsamic glazeGG 1600-19Such divine morsels.

The SECOND COURSE came from their medium plates section of their menu.GG 1600-20

Oink oink – crispy belly, apple salad, yoghurt sauceGG 1600-22The crackling wasn’t as crispy as we were hoping but the pork belly was extremely tender and the apple and sauce brought it all together very nicely.

Fried calamari – pizza croutons, parsley, lemonGG 1600-21This reminded me of the calamari salad I used to order at Caffe e Cucina all the time when I was living in South Yarra.  However, the welcome change were the pizza croutons – I’d never had them before but they were brilliant!  I’m definitely going to try pizza base croutons at home some time.

The THIRD COURSE was from their large plate section.GG 1600-23

Rotisserie – chicken, slowly roasted over coal & woodGG 1600-24There was so much delicious char grilled chicken – enough to fill even the hungriest of men – but it was so good that we finished the whole lot!

Leaves – baby cos, radicchio, chives, honey & cider vinaigretteGG 1600-25

Hand cut chipsGG 1600-26Crunchy & well seasoned.

The Dessert Tasting Plate came next.GG 1600-27It was exquisite.  It featured tiramisu, creme de menthe marshmallows, strawberry & raspberry macarons, & chocolate tortes.

We finished off our extravagant meal with really good coffee.GG 1600-28

All in all a fantastic meal at a really decent price.

150 Clarendon Street
East Melbourne  VIC  3002
03 8415 0411

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