Usually at the end of breakfast at Chez Dre, my husband allows me to meander up to the display cabinet and select (for home) as many macarons and petit gateaux as my heart desires – but this time was a little different.  We headed down the steps from Chez Dre out to Coventry Street and found ourselves within Bibelot – an opulent oasis filled with all the sweet treats that used to feature at Chez Dre plus more.

Bibelot is a French word meaning ‘a small object of rarity, curiosity or desire.’  Andrea Reiss (head pastry chef) & business partner, Stephen Sam, are behind Bibelot.  It’s a welcome, stand-out, addition to the Melbourne food scene – finally giving Reiss’ masterpieces the performance stage that they truly deserve.

Fitted out by Melbourne-based Breathe Architecture, Bibelot oozes European art deco chic with its stunning black and white mosaic feature walls, gold accents, and recycled timber flooring.  The high tea salon is draped in emerald green velvet which exudes luxury and when seated in the area makes you feel like you’ve been allowed within an inner sanctum reserved for the top 1%.



So what should you expect apart from an amazing array of impeccable petit gateaux and macarons – all made on site?  Envisage a droolworthy selection of bonbons, delicate biscuits, and gelato.  Expect incredible coffee.  And look forward to taking home with you souvenirs from your experience in the form of incredibly unique chocolates, specialty coffee, and dessert-focused coffee table books.



Bibelot-14Latte & Cappuccino ($4 each)
Our coffees were fabulous.  Served within slate grey china, it added a sophisticated touch and prepared us for our petit gateaux which were to follow.



Lychee dome ($9.50) – gluten free
This gluten free delight was delicate and light.  The tempered coconut white chocolate surrounding the dome added a welcome crunch and the lychee fared well with the subtle ginger notes.  It wasn’t overly sweet – just perfectly divine.



Passionfruit & chocolate mousse ($9.50) – gluten free
We felt obliged to order this given it was the predominant dessert used in all their media coverage to date.  The mango macaron base was topped with delectable chocolate concealing the lightest, yet most decadent, chocolate mousse, topped with a thin shard of toasted sesame brittle, and an inconspicuous chocolate sphere which housed a magical passionfruit elixir to transform the grumpiest of trolls into the merriest of men.



Hazelnut praline crunch ($9.50)
This was highly recommended by our waiter.  It’s basically a Ferrero Rocher chocolate improved several times over.  You really must try it.



Salted butter caramel eclair ($9.50) 
Despite the fact that everything was literally perfect, this was surprisingly my favourite.  The eclair was delightfully crisp on the outside yet tender within.  It was stuffed with crushed peanuts and salted caramel which oozed out as you bit into it.  The salted caramel buttercream wasn’t too sweet but did marvellously well with the tempered chocolate shard which topped this petit gateaux.  The chocolate lended a delightful crunch on each bite but surreptitiously melted within seconds in my mouth.  My husband wasn’t as keen on the eclair as I; but this served me well as I happily polished off the vast majority!



Green tea cheesecake ($9.50) 
Having recently returned from a three and a half week vacation in Japan – the land of matcha – this was definitely on my radar from the very beginning as we walked past the display cabinet to our table.  It was luscious & light, and embraced a cluster of cherries.  Although amazing in its own right, it failed to completely wow like some of the other matcha desserts we’d sampled from the very best of Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto.


All in all we had a fabulous time at Bibelot.  They’re a family-friendly venue and I can’t wait to take my mum there for a high tea adventure!

285-287 Coventry Street
South Melbourne  VIC  3205
03 9690 2688

Open 7 days from 10 am till late.

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