Last week, I had an unusually quiet day at work so decided to seize the moment and take the afternoon off.  It was such a beautiful sunny & breezy day, so I called hubby on the way home and asked him to prepare the bikes – after all, our babysitters were happy to stay awhile longer.  We cycled from our humble abode along the ever-scenic Main Yarra Trail and a leisurely 30 minutes later (it usually only takes my love around 15 minutes on his mountain bike), we reached Arbory Bar & Eatery.

Blink and you’ll miss it.  Designed by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects, Arbory melds well into the environment.  It’s the longest bar in Melbourne, spanning 150 metres along the decommissioned Sandridge railway line, aka Platform 13 along the southern aspect of Flinders Street Station.  Developed over the past 4 years, Arbory is the result of a collaboration between HQ Group & Metro Trains.  Perched on prime real estate, Arbory makes full use of its venue declaring that their kitchen is always open and that they’ll be open every single day of the year from 7.30 am till late.  



With plenty of space to tuck our bikes behind our chairs, we perused chef Nicholas Bennett’s menu (formerly Cecconis & Fatto at The Arts Centre) whilst we savoured the picturesque riverside view and each other’s company – sans children!  The menu was pretty straight forward – sandwiches & burgers, smaller & larger meals, sides, and a small selection of cheese & desserts.


Arbory Bar & Eatery-5

Chorizo corn dog & jalapeño mayonnaise ($4) 
I loved the fact that the corn dog had a deliciously fragrant chorizo sausage tucked within it.  The jalapeño mayonnaise, had a nice textural spicy hit to it, but the batter wasn’t as crunchy as it looked – it was a tad soggy which was a shame because I have a real penchant for palate-scalding crunchy corn dogs at showgrounds nation-wide.


Arbory Bar & Eatery-3

Double cheeseburger – bacon, pickles, tomato relish & crinkle cut chips ($15) 
The crinkle cut chips were soft & soggy but the burger was incredible.  Once stacked neatly for eating, it held together so well.  The toasted brioche bun cradled the perfectly cooked burger patties, interspersed with cheese, ketchup, mustard, bacon, pickles & crisp butter lettuce.  I was in Heaven and it was definitely worth the bike ride.  It was hard for me to resist eating the remaining half as I regrettably passed it over the table to my other half to try.


Arbory Bar & Eatery-4

Spaghetti – prawns, clams, chilli & black bean pangrattato ($26) 
An absolute masterpiece.  This dish was deliciously smooth – bathed in a salty, garlicky, & moderately spiced buttery sauce, with al dente spaghetti, perfectly cooked seafood & crisp breadcrumbs thrown with reckless abandon on top.  I ended up with one complaint as I emptied the last clam shell – a lot more would have made my life complete!

Without question, Arbory is an overpriced establishment.  But if you were to ask me whether I would return.. I would with a resounding “Yes”!  The view is second to none, the food is delicious, and I’m absolutely sold by the fact that it’s so accessible via bike paths around Melbourne as it promotes a healthy lifestyle for all.

Flinders Walk
Melbourne  VIC  3000
03 9621 2260

Open daily 7.30 till late

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