There are three branches of Kobe Jones in Australia.  Eric took me to Melbourne’s very own at Docklands yesterday so that we could take advantage of their “All You Can Eat Sushi” lunch offer for $25 pp.

Kobe Jones is a Japanese Restaurant open for lunch (12-3pm) & dinner (6-10pm) from Tuesday to Sunday each week on Level 1, 427 Docklands Drive, Docklands 3008.  It’s got a great waterfront view and from previous experience, is usually pretty quiet so there’s no need to book of a lunch time.

The “All You Eat Sushi” platter varies on the day, but they can guarantee you nigiri sushi if you’re interested, as well as their trademark ‘Volcano Roll’.  The first picture above is a photo of the platter that we consumed three times over (yes.. I have a very hungry husband..)!  And here are the rolls in a little bit more detail…

VOLCANO ROLL – oven baked scallops layered on a crab salad and avocado roll with Kobe’s special cream sauce and a sesame seed and shallot sprinkle.

It’s actually quite a good roll in that it’s very interesting – very unusual.  The cream sauce is basically a cheesy mayonnaise mixture and combined with the sweet soy is a little bit too sweet and creamy for my liking but good none-the-less.  With the scallops cooked in such a creamy sauce, you feel as though it’s a waste of a such a decadent ingredient – I love scallops!!

DYNAMITE ROLL – your choice of spicy tuna, kingfish, salmon or scallops with cucumber and sesame seeds.

We had a deliciously spicy in-side out sushi roll with fresh raw scallops on the inside (my favourite), a spicy cucumber mix, and caviar rolled over the top.  Yum.  I really enjoyed this one…

CATERPILLAR ROLL – unagi, crab salad, cucumber with avocado layered on top.

This had a little bit too much crab cake for my liking which ended up completely obscuring all taste of the unagi.  The avocado was a lovely slippery touch.. but I’m sorry.. I love eel and when it’s in a piece of sushi, I’m going to demand that I be able to taste it!!

SPIDER ROLL – crunchy soft shell crab with avocado, crab salad, cucumber with smelt roe sprinkle.

I’m always a fan of soft shell crab.  This was quite tasty and quite crispy – though not ‘scrape your throat’ crispy – so I was very pleased with this one.  Eric and I took turns devouring the end piece with all the legs sticking out!!

DRAGON ROLL – tempura prawns with crab salad and cucumber with unagi and avocado layered on top with nori, tempura flakes and smelt roe sprinkle.

This was pretty standard but I’d like to say that it’s a nice touch that Kobe Jones bothers to make all of their sushi rolls ‘inside out’ rolls.  It gives them a certain elegance which I really do appreciate.


After our three sushi platters, I still demanded a small assortment of nigiri sushi :)  Why?  Because I’m a greedy guts and it’s included in our “All You Can Eat Sushi”!!

Kobe Jones unfortunately didn’t accept our Entertainment Card (last time the two of us ate for $25!!) as they’ve decided to make the Sushi special one of their exclusions (fair enough).  But despite that little factoid (and also the observation that we didn’t see any Japanese chefs in the kitchen :|), we had a great time, a fantastic view, and a pretty good meal.  So next time you’re over at Docklands, why don’t you give it a go?…

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