paperboy kitchenThis week we had lunch at PAPERBOY KITCHEN on Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne’s CBD.  This group started off as a stall at The People’s Market & The Night Noodle Market but they now have a pretty good gig with limited opening hours – Monday to Friday 11.30-3pm.

These days the trend is to delve away from the traditional banh mi stores like Nhu Lan and to try something a little more refined – a little fancier.  Though I doubt Nhu Lan will ever go out of business due to its bargain prices and quality food, Paperboy brings a little bit of fusion and a hell of a lot of funk with its R&B vibe and its eclectically strewn miniature animal models & magnetic letters.

paperboy kitchen

03 paperboy kitchen

paperboy kitchen

The menu is such that you can order traditional rolls or rice noodle bowls which all come with Asian slaw, carrot-daikon pickle, Sriracha mayonnaise & coriander.  You can also purchase fried chicken, cookies, and a selection of drinks.paperboy kitchen

Here’s what we had… Viet iced coffee ($3.50) vietnamese iced coffee

vietnamese iced coffeePretty darn good.

Spiced lemon tea ($3.50)spiced lemon teaThink fresh lemon, star anise, cinnamon and fresh ginger mixed with the perfect amount of honey.

BBQ chicken rice noodle bowl – marinated free range chicken ($11) bbq chicken rice bowlThis was extremely tasty.  We paid an extra $1.50 for a fried egg with a runny yolk (obviously they weren’t going to cook it long enough to let it explode!) – it looks like a bit of tofu in the far right side of the bowl.  The popcorn was amazing – it was doused in chilli sauce and sprinkled with a little sugar.

Pulled lamb & hoisin traditional roll – slow cooked lamb shoulder with sweet sticky sauce ($12)lamb rollThe lamb was so succulent.  I just wished the peanut sauce was a teeny bit sweeter – I guess that’s the Malaysian blood in me talking…

All in all an awesome meal.  A bit pricier than the usual $4 rolls at Nhu Lan but really – is there any comparison?  We think not.
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