Maedaya - street viewOur family loves Maedaya.  It’s a Japanese restaurant along Bridge Road in Richmond and they’re a very family-friendly venue.  The staff are friendly and both the food & service are extremely efficient which is great when you get there completely and utterly ravenous – hunkering for a delicious feed.  It’s large with an upstairs area for teppanyaki and although they only take bookings for large groups – it’s definitely worth the wait.
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Here are some dishes well worth ordering…Maedaya sumiyaki set (signature sampler)Maedaya sumiyaki set (signature sampler) $15.80 – 5 skewer set of Tsukune chicken balls, yakitori chicken thigh, chilli inari bean curd, guu kushi beef and Butakushi pork belly.

takoyakiTakoyaki $5.50 - absolutely delicious – crispy on the outside and deliciously tender and tasty on the inside.  Just the way takoyaki should be.

okonomiyakiOkonomiyaki $12 – a vegetable and seafood pancake which is amazing but always served with a little too much sauce!  Scrape the majority of the sauce off and you’ll be a happy camper like I always am..

veggie chipsVeggie chips $6.50 – our son loves these.  It comes with an avocado sauce which he thinks is super cool because it’s not wasabi yet it’s still green.

crab claw fryCrab claw fry $5.50 - this one is well worth the money with heaps of crab meet in each.  It’s definitely worth trying.

nasu dengaku inariNasu dengaku inari $4.50 – why had I never eaten something as yummy as this before?  It’s the usual nasu dengaku (eggplant with miso sauce) tucked into grilled beancurd – pure genius.

rainbow rollRainbow roll $16.50 – smoked salmon and cream cheese inside out roll with tuna and salmon, topped with tobiko flying fish roe.

avocado rollAvocado roll $15.00 - lobster salad and cream cheese inside out roll with sliced avocado.

double salmon rollDouble salmon roll $15.00 – pretty much exactly what it looks like!

spicy tuna rollSpicy tuna roll $15.00 - not too spicy but with a good amount of kick.

assorted tempuraAssorted tempura $13.80 – we just had to try it.  And it didn’t disappoint..

asparagus bread crumbs with avo sauceAsparagus in bread crumbs with avocado sauce $8.80 – simple, naughty but delicious none-the-less – sweet, salty, sour & crunchy!

salt and pepper squid saladSalt and pepper squid salad $10.80 – when we ate this the calamari was a tad overcooked and there was way too much salad dressing on the copious amounts of underlying salad…  However, you’ve got to admit that it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

sizzling hotate and shimeji itameSizzling hotate and shimeji itame $19.50 – I love scallops done well and these were perfectly cooked in a buttery, “Hun.. can I please have a little bit more..” kind of way…  Definitely a dish to order over and over again.

And last but not least.. if you have a child under 10 years of age – this is a fantastic deal.  Our toddler eats pretty much everything we do – unless it’s particularly spicy – but on one occasion we did order him the one and only kid’s meal which is extraordinarily good value for money..kid's mealKid’s Menu $5.00 - edamame, tsukune chicken balls, karaage fried chicken, ebi prawn fry, ketchup rice & seasonal fruits.  How kawaii!!

So if you’re living in, or visiting, Melbourne – and you love Japanese food – MAEDAYA is definitely a great place to stop by.. xx
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