If you’ve got a hunkering for American food done well (in civilised portion sizes), Rockwell & Sons is your place.


We stopped there for lunch a couple of weeks ago and were wowed by their naughty but delicious food. Naughty because it was pretty much all fried!! Each and every dish was tasty, textural and packed full of punchy flavours.

Here’s what we had..

Soft shell crab, asparagus, fennel purée, ranch dressing


Crispy confit duck wings, red dragon sauce, scallions, sesame


Smoked lamb ribs, Lexington-style BBQ sauce


Pressed rib sandwich, BBQ sauce, dill, fennel, onion


Fried chicken sandwich, buttermilk dressing, iceberg, crystal hot sauce


French fries, malt vinegar aioli


Our family had such a great time there and hope to return someday soon.. xx
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